Clean water in seconds using a certified method

Easy and fast, giving 4 to 5 drinkable liters per hour

Instructions of use

  • Saves lifes when no clean water is available
  • This solution is simple, affordable and available
  • Excellent removal of bacteria
  • Secures your filtered water from contamination – up to 7.000 liters
  • No need to boil water and no electricity needed
  • Easy cleaning of the filter

More than 40 million people around the world are using alternative ways producing clean water.

Clear and safe water should be accessible for everyone, whether someone is experiencing the consequences of a nature disaster or is living in an area where clean water is scarce. Unfortunately access to clean water is not always the case and we hope we can contribute to this problem and help around the globe for people to have clean water whenever they need it.

Proof of concept I

A project in Zimbabwe shows that in order to stop the spread of cholera to provide access to clean drinking water to house holds, was very succesful...

Countries using the filter

Ten thousands of filter are being successfully used in India, Cambodia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Zambia, Zimbabawe, Uganda, Sudan and Nicaragua and we are introducing the filter in East African countries, Vietnam and Ghana!